November 12, 2010

:: Coconut Ice

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Coconut Ice

THIS was one of my superfaves when I was a kid! Did you love coconut ice?!  Did you?!  I love it still.  I do!  Yes!

 I made the second recipe :: Creamy Coconut Ice :: and yes it does have COPHA in it!  Maybe that will freak you out?  Oh well.  It is delicious.  We have all been eating it all afternoon, although Emma was not at all into the COPHA idea and she just had her garish fruit cake instead.  She does NOT know what she is missing out on!

You probably know that there is a different coconut ice recipe which has condensed milk in it.  I like that one too, because I get to eat the leftover condensed milk from the can.  I love condensed milk.  I once made condensed milk ice cream and it was totally delicious and even a bit chewy!  YUM!  That's how much I like condensed milk.  I must never have it in the house, I tell you, or else I will eat WAY too MUCH and Ari will give me a disapproving glance.

So, glances aside... I give you... Yellow Box Coconut Ice. Maybe you would like to make some too?!  Who could resist, really... it is CREAMY and super sweet, just as it should be!

xx Pip


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saradowle said...

My Nanna used to always make this when she was alive! I love it but can't have had it for, what, 10 years?!

I MUST make some! Thanks for reminding me of it!