November 12, 2010

Baked Rigatoni

Rice and Pasta - The World's Best Dishes
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Baked Rigatoni

Hmm. Well. Let me just say this straight up. Good concept but bad recipe.  Sorry AWW.  I do love you a lot, but this recipe was completely annoying.  You are meant to COOK the rigatoni. And THEN stuff them.  Hmm. Nope. No. Nada.  Cooked rigatoni are very prone to splitting.  They don't like to be stuffed.  But don't let that stop you : just use cannelloni and it will be fine.

I knew my kids would love this recipe if I could get it to work.  So I bought some super huge rigatoni from Simon Johnson (which is in my neighbourhood).  You may not be able to find super huge rigatoni.  And it is expensive.    So as I said, just use cannelloni and everything will be alright.   Mr Simon did not have cannelloni.  Probably cannelloni is a bit retro from him.  (I don't think he had vol au vents either.)  We had to buy the super huge... and that worked okay too.

It took a  while to stuff all the pasta tubes, but it was kind of fun and sort of therapeutic.  I got to think about Lou and Frankie in Love My Way.... and wonder what the heck Lewis is all about.... sip wine... listen to Neil Diamond.... that kind of thing.  Tubes (uncooked) stuffed, sauce made, into oven.  There followed lots of topping up with water (you could use stock) to ensure the pasta was kept moist and cooked through.

I put the cheese on once the pasta was cooked and let it brown a bit more.   And then it was all done. And very super hot as it cooked for just over an hour at a pretty high temperature.

The kids DID love this, especially Max.  But yes, forget the rigatoni unless you are a masochist like me.  Go for cannelloni and you will be grinning from ear to here.

I think this would be even nicer with ricotta and spinach, but I am not allowed to divert from the recipe without good reason (says me) so I stuck with the meaty filling.

I saw Julie in an op-shop in Blackburn on Friday. Hi Julie!  I have been working on the zig-zag blanket.  I have been making lamb shanks a la Jamie Oliver (with raisins and apples - quite sweet!), I have been going to see James and The Giant Peach at ACMI with Ari. I have been mulling over books for Book Club.  I have been watching the final eps of Love My Way Season 3.  I have been visiting Camberwell Market with Cam and Ari : I saw Chris and Kitty there and they are rad.  I have been eating smoked trout dip on rye bread... and tomato and cheese on french stick (with salami).  I have been working on project ideas for Book 3.

How was you weekend?  Do you like Baked Pasta?  Do you have a favourite recipe?  Do you like Love My Way?  (I have stopped watching Offspring... sigh. I just can't do it. Sigh.)

xx Pip

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