November 12, 2010

Chicken In Nectar

Great Ways With Chicken and Duck
Card 7
Chicken in Nectar
(and also Honeyed Chicken)


I do not really like Apricot Chicken.  I don't know why... I think it might be the whole fruit and meat thing that freaks me out. I do, however, applaud those who DO like it. Good for them.  Max and Cam and Ari like it.  I prefer something less fruity for my dinner.  In fact,  I made a big bowl of miso soup with vegetables the night that we had this.

Fruit aside, the thing I do like about this is the soup base... You know a lot of those seventies recipes start with a packet or a tin of some kind of soup.  French Onion seems to be a favourite flavour base for this era... and Cream of Celery or Cream of Mushroom Soup. I was at the supermarket this morning turning over the soup cans, and they really do still have some good basic recipes on them.  If you had just moved out of home, or you did not have a clue about cooking, a can of soup can totally help  you out on the comforting, hearty dinner front.

The other cool thing about this card is that it has a 'hidden' recipe.   A lot of the AWW Yellow Box cards have two recipes on the back of them.  You can find the 'hidden' recipe in the Index Book that comes with the box, but it's not listed on the top of the card nor pictured on the front of the card. Sneaky and cool, methinks.  Kind of a bonus recipe.

Do you make things with tinned or packet soup as the base?  Do you like this recipe?  Is this something you cook now, or something that someone in your family used to cook?

xx Pip

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