November 12, 2010

Chicken Pot Roast

Great Ways With Chicken and Duck
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Chicken Pot Roast

Well. On Sunday Ari and I went to the movies and Cam went to the footy.  Ari and I left home first. Little did I know that Cam put the dinner on (chicken curry) while we were watching James and The Giant Peach and then trotted off to see his team get trounced.  I unknowingly and hungrily went to David Jones in the city post-James and bought a nice chicken for dinner.  Of course when I got home there was already dinner, so the second chicken went into the fridge and popped out again on Monday to become Chicken Pot Roast.

I did not make this Monday dinner, Cam did. He bought an Italian sausage from Jonathan's on Smith Street to use for the stuffing.  Thus, the stuffing was super good.  The DJs chicken was moist, the vegetables yielding and the sauce was delicious.  We did have a bit of a tiff over dinner and I stormed out... but Cam brought my plate upstairs and it was still warm, so I am perfectly qualified to give you a run down of this recipe.

This recipe is good.  The stuffing is even nicer than the chicken, I think.  I really love stuffing.  I would eat a stuffing sandwich if it were not so unseemly.  Chicken Pot Roast is a lovely standard for a cosy dinner and hopefully you will not tiff mid-dinner like we did.  (I am not sure I remember what the tiff was about, but I am sure that it was very important and I was in the right. Ahem.)

Do you like this recipe? Have you made it?  Do you like pot roasts in general? Do you like stuffing sandwiches?  I do.

xx Pip

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