November 12, 2010

Easy Mix Butter Cake

Easy-Mix Butter Cake
Favorite Cakes
Card 14


When I was a wee gal, I used to come home from school to THIS VERY cake.  I loved it. Sometimes my Nan used to sprinkle jelly crystals on the top, you know, the powdered jelly? Yes, that.  Always Raspberry or Strawberry flavoured. Golly. I just remembered that as I typed this.  I am going to make this again with Jelly Crystals on top of it. Wow.  But it is really great with 100s and 1000s or sprinkles too.

This cake was EASY to make.  It was lovely and light.  I used the Kitchen Aid.  And I did burn the edges a teensy bit, but that is because my oven only has HOT or NOT kind of temperatures.  So it was a teensy bit HOT!  Oops. The dog got the ends and she was VERY happy!

I love this cake as much as I love my Nan. I think it is a simple cake with a lovely crumb and a golden crust.  I say go forth and make this.  You will like it. Yes you will.  It is lovely and light and humble. Just my kind of cake.

xx Pip

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dannie said...

Thank you so much for publishing the recipes from the AWW recipe box.
I collected these in the '70's but foolishly gave the box of recipes to charity when I had a major clean out years ago. These recipes are wonderful, they aren't over the top like so many are today, wish I'd kept my box. Please keep them coming. I never post Comments but want to tell you how happy I am to see you publishing the AWW recipe cards.