November 12, 2010

Orange Cake

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Orange Cake

Ooh it has been a while since I posted a Yellow Box recipe... That has more to do with the fact that I haven't taken photos of the recipe cards, rather than the fact that we haven't been Yellow Box-ing. Because we HAVE been Yellow Box-ing!

So here we have the Orange Cake!  This cake was quite yummy.  Either I cooked it for too long... or it was badly in need of a syrup... perhaps the first, because it was a bit dry.  I hate a cake that is not quite cooked, so I think maybe I did err on the side of caution and cook this a bit long... (be careful not to do that, if you make this cake.)

This cake is a real old fashioned tea cake. It will keep for an age, I reckon.  Maybe a week or more.  I decided to fancy up the icing a bit, and added some Mandarin Zest, which gave it a nice lift.  This glace icing is the sort that sets, so you can wrap it in cling film and the plastic won't stick to the top. I think that makes it a good cake to take to a friend's house, which I did.  (The friend thought this cake was nice.)

While I was icing this, Ari told me too much icing is a bad thing, so I did not completely smother it as I usually do.  He was quite mortified that I slowly tipped the icing on and let it flow volcano style.  He thought I should spread the icing carefully. Hmm.

So what do you think?  Too much icing a bad thing? Tip or spread?  Is this a cake your Nan used to make?

xx Pip

NB :: More on Project Yellow Box here....


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