November 12, 2010

Family Chocolate Cake

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Family Chocolate Cake

OKAY!  So this is a recipe that lots of people mentioned when I first announced this project.  I made it today (early this morning, in fact) with the Caramel Icing (as above.)  I think it would be extra nice with Chocolate Icing as well.  Max thought this cake was quite nice.  He said he would prefer it if this cake was rich and chewy and chocolaty like a brownie.  It isn't those things, but it is a nice light tea cake.  Not very chocolaty though.  You could add lots more cocoa, I think, and chocolate icing, and that would placate the Chocolaty People.  Ari did not really like the icing.  But Max did. So go figure.  Maybe chocolate icing is the safest option here?!

Personally, I think it is really nice as is. Cam liked it too, and he thought it was nice and moist.  He said he hates dry cakes.  This cake is  not dry. Phew.  It is lovely and moist with delicious caramel icing.  That is what it is. Yum.

Points to note ::
The caramel icing took a bit more icing sugar than mentioned to make the icing thick enough, so watch out for that and have a bit extra on hand, perhaps.  You will note that I made this in a heart shape.  That is because I did not have a big square tin, and also because I like hearts.  I lined it well with baking paper and greased it super goodly.   You could make a heart cake too, if you wanted to.  I think it is nice to defy convention and use fancy tins.  Perhaps you have a tin in the shape of a bowler hat, or a monkey, or a bottle of whiskey.  Those would all be great options too.  Or just make a square and ignore my silly tin fetish.

Is this cake part of your culinary history?! Did someone in your family make this cake for you?  We would LOVE to know more.  Tell us!

xx Pip

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