November 12, 2010

Emmenthaler Schnitzel

Superb Recipes From Famous Restaurants
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Emmenthaler Schnitzel

Right. Max chose this recipe. To Max this looked like the King of Parmigianas.  I guess it does look like that, doesn't it?  This recipe is taken from my favourite section of the Yellow Box - 'Superb Recipes From Famous  Restaurants'.  There REALLY are recipes from famous restaurants in there... places like Beppi's, Fanny's, Two Faces, Doyle's and The Hilton.  This recipe is taken from The Chesa Restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.  I wonder if it is still there... hang on... I will Google that.... Wait there.

Oh my gosh.  It is STILL there. You can go and take a peek here.  It is a Swiss Chalet style restaurant and I bet you they still serve Emmenthaler Schnitzel there. Wow.  How cool is that?!  If you are breezing through Hong Kong you might want to grab a fondue and schnitzel there, I think.  Or you could just make this at home like we did.

Things to note about this recipe:

Fun.  It is really fun to make the Spatzli.  We had to add an extra half a cup of water to the batter.  And we tried so very hard to push it through a colander as instructed, but it did not work.  In the end we inverted a wide mesh cake rack atop the boiling pot of water and tipped the dough through that.  Our Spatzli were really delicious.  Granted the numerous attempts to get the colander method to work resulted in a bit of swearing from Cam.  Well. A lot of swearing. He likes things to work.  That did not work and he got antsy.  But we kept adding water to loosen up the batter and changing methods and finally we got there.  And it was totally worth it. Our kitchen was covered in batter after the trial and error approach... but you won't have a batter covered kitchen if you make these, because we just told you an easier way, right?!

Feet.  Max did not like the cheese.  It is true.  He said it smelled like feet.  I loved it, however, as did Cam.  It smelled like Taleggio when it was melted and it was ridiculously rich and good.  If you have a cholesterol problem you might want to hold back a bit in terms of serving size, but DO have SOME.  This is totally delicious comfort food.  If I made this again, I would use mozzarella. I know... it's not what the dish is about, but the kids would LOVE that and then we'd all be happy.  Max did eat some though... and he HAD eaten half a pizza after school so he may have had cheese fatigue.

Crappy.  Our oven is quite crappy and it's hard to get things to brown in there.  You should make this in quite a shallow dish so that you can grill it if the cheese is not brown (like ours!)  I think a bit of golden cheese would be nice.

Butter.  Well.  Yes.  There is a LOT of butter in this. I think you could lose more than half the butter in the veal frying part, as well as half the butter in the mushroom sauce.

Tomato.  This looked like way too much creamy, buttery craziness to me.  I had a small serve and made a quick tomato sauce to have on the side to cut the crazy a bit.  You might like to do that too?

Quick Tomato Sauce
One finely diced onion, one diced clove of garlic, one tin of good quality tomatoes, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, a tablespoon of fresh herbs, a splash of white wine vinegar :: Fry the onion until soft in a slosh of olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients and mix and mash until a nice sauce is achieved.  Simmer for ten minutes and then serve.

So. All in all this dish was ace.  It would be more family friendly with the tweaks mentioned.  We will revise the recipe and cook this again in a heartbeat.  If it is still beating after all that butter.

xx Pip

PS :: Ari was ill, so he did not have this for dinner, in case you were wondering.

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