November 12, 2010

Beef In Black Bean Sauce

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Beef In Black Bean Sauce

Hello! Wow. What a weekend I had. Did you have a weekend? I bet you did.  We have been cooking lots of things! We have!  We made this (imagine arrow pointing to images above). Well. Cam made this. Beef In Black Bean Sauce. Mmmm.  This reminded me of a big Chinese Restaurant I once went to in Mount Gambier.  It was quite huge and red and velvety and was no doubt once very opulent and swish.   The toilets were outside and it was beautifully ramshackle when we went there.  That was about 15 years ago, mind you.  I wonder if it still there....  The people there were lovely and the food was ace too.

Now, this dish would not have been out of place at said Mount Gambanese Chinese Eatery.  It was quite delicious, in a comforting, retro way.  It reminded me of the Australian Women's Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook.  I think it appears in that too.  Ah.  That is a pretty great cookbook, isn't it?!  Do you have it?  My parents used to cook from it when we were little and we always got MOST excited when we saw it appear on the kitchen bench.

Have you made this?  Do you like this?  Do you have the red AWW Chinese Cooking Class book?  Have you been to Mount Gambier?

xx Pip

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