November 12, 2010


Best Beef Recipes
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When we were kids, our Mum and Dad often took us on day trips to the pebbly, shallow beaches which dot Tasmania's South East Coast.  The drive seemed to take forever (must have been 40 minutes or so : wowee!) and we were always so pleased when we finally arrived and we could run along the water's edge while our parents dragged the barbeque out of the back of the Mazda wagon and started flipping burgers and popping cans of Tarino or some such.

So here, in honour of those happy days,  we have burgers. Not the beach burgers of my childhood, but burgers all the same.  I made these last weekend. They were really great, although I made them a bit too thick, so I had to cook them carefully for quite a long time.  I think you should make thinner ones, if you make them.  See the picture?  Maybe half as thin as that would be good.

We had these with Windsor Deli sauces, french fries and lots of salad in sesame buns.  We did not toast the buns.  Do you toast your buns?  Do you have a favourite burger recipe?  Do you have burger night at your house?

xx Pip

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