November 12, 2010

Health Potato Salad

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Health Potato Salad


I must admit I have a total adoration for potato salad.  I love it. In a sandwich ideally with some chilli and lots of salt and black pepper.  Or white pepper even. I love white pepper.  I know it's considered a bit daggy, but it is a really lovely addition to something needing a bit of a boost. Don't underestimate white pepper, my friends.  Sometimes I make a really simple potato salad with some boiled potatoes, a gloop of mayonnaise, a diced avocado and some spring onions and lemon juice. Yum.  If you like potato salad, you should try that, it's super good.  You can even mash the avocado with the mayo first, if dicing seems to green and messy.  That works really well too.

This recipe is called Health Potato Salad.  Yep.  Cam made this one night last week.  We had it with chicken made the Nigella way, which involves cutting the chicken down the backbone and squishing it flat, marinating it with nice things and then popping it in a medium oven until it is nice and golden and delicious.

I really like this herb filled salad, it's real Summery picnicky happy day food.  I confess I did not even eat any chicken, I just had the salad in one of those yummy Vietnamese rolls with chilli sauce.  It was tres yum.  Do you think that is yum? Do you like potato salad?  Will you make this? Or is this always on the table at your family bbq, already?

xx Pip


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