November 12, 2010


This very delicious recipe is taken from Stefano de Pieri's 'Modern Italian Food'.  Ari had two bowls and commented that it was 'So good and vegetables don't taste like anything, do they?'  Do not ask me why it is called Minestrone con Bruschetta. I do not know. (But if YOU do then DO tell us.)

Also, as an aside, Stefano says to cook little pasta shapes or beans separately and add them in at the end for best results, if you like those in there. In my experience this sounds good as it will keep your soup from being too cloudy and starchy. Enjoy soup. Soup is ace.

xx Pip

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GourmetGirlfriend said...

Perhaps because in some areas of Italy Minestrone is served with Bruschetta alongside- (toasted bread rubbed with garlic & then brushed with olive oil)....not sure?
We sometimes add a tablespoon of homemade pesto just as it is served for super dooper extra delicousness.
SCRUM indeed.
Enjoy! x