November 12, 2010

Meatloaf In BBQ Sauce

Best Beef Recipes
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Meatloaf With Barbecue Sauce

When I was about 15 I used to cook this for my family (along with Tuna Ring... good grief!) with great success.  Probably my Mum was just relieved someone else had got off their bottom and had a go at making dinner...?  That said, it seemed like a good idea to step back to 1985 and cook this dish for the family again.   It can be nice to revisit those old faves, don't you think?  (Although sometimes those old faves don't really translate into new faves.)   So cook this I did.  And...

...The verdict is that..... we liked it.  It was good!  You might like it too, if meatloaf is your thing.  There was a teensy problem with the sauce being a bit too vinegary and strong.  Ari was not much into the sauce, but apart from that he thought it was delish. Perhaps just a splash of vinegar might be better?

I confess we did change the recipe a tiny bit because I could not stomach the idea of eating sausage mince.  We substituted pork and veal mince for the sausage mince.  I know it's not strictly AWW, but I have to draw the line at some things and sausage mince is one of them. Yick-attack.  Here is the line... and the sausage mince is WAY over there... far, far away.

We served this with our standard big bowl of green peas, corn, fresh tomato sauce... and I made some mash too.  Yum.  Max commented that meatloaf is a great meal because you can have it the next day in sandwiches.  Max, I totally agree.  You are so right.  I think I like meatloaf in a sandwich with some chilli or chutney even more than I like meatloaf with peas and mashed potatoes.  Yep.

Do you fancy a meatloaf sandwich?  Do you like meatloaf? Do you hate it? Have you made this?  Do tell!

xx Pip

BTW : Did you watch the premiere of  'Offspring'?  I downloaded it today via iTunes and watched it this morning after my jam-seeking visit to the Windsor Deli.  I think it's going to be a really great series... I love a local production and most of this show is shot around the streets of Fitzroy... the first episode features Radio on Gertrude St and The Union Club Hotel and Cottage Industry... Cool! (Plus lots of other places like The Black Cat and Carlton Gardens...)

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