May 6, 2011

Ten Warm Drinks To Make You Feel Cozy!

Because you can't always drink regular old tea... or wine, for that matter.  Sometimes you need to change it up a bit, don't you?  Here are some nice drinks to give you a fancier time with your favourite mug.

  1. Condensed Milk Chai via The Spendid Table //// here
  2. Very Best Cocoa via K Shimotsu Photography //// here
  3. Gluhwein via Pip //// here
  4. Ginger Tea via Martha //// here
  5. Mexican Hot Chocolate via Nigella //// here
  6. Non-Alcoholic Mulled 'Wine' via Pip also //// here
  7. Warm Apple Cider via Jane Spice //// here
  8. Hot Chocolate via The Hairy Bikers //// here
  9. Irish Coffee via Martha //// here
  10. Warm Vanilla Milk via La Cucina Italiana //// here

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