November 21, 2008

Mary Had A Little Lamb and Vegetable Curry

lamb badge via here

Simple Lamb and Vegetable Curry500g diced lamb
1 onion, finely chopped
1 tbsp good quality curry powder mixed with 2 tbsp water
3/4 cup tomato passata
1 tbsp soy sauce
250ml beef stock
500g butternut pumpkin, peeled and diced roughly
500g potatoes, peeled and diced roughly
200g green beans, topped, coarsely chopped
2 fresh tomatoes diced
2 tbsp olive oil

Heat 1/2 the oil in a large heavy-based saucepan over medium-high heat. Brown half the lamb pieces. Then remove and brown the remaining lamb. Set the browned lamb aside.

Heat the rest of the oil in the pan over medium heat. Fry the onion until golden and fragrant. Add the curry powder/water mix and stir-fry until fragrant.

Add the tomato passata, stock, soy, potato and pumpkin. Cover and bring to a simmer. Add the lamb and cook, partially covered, for 25 minutes. Add the beans and cook for 5 minutes until just tender.Stir through the diced tomato. Voila!

You could add some frozen peas at step 4 if you wanted to make it super vegetabley!

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