November 21, 2008

Nanna-Style Tomato Sauce (To Put on Pies Not Pasta)

Nanna-Rific Tomato Sauce

10 kilos of ripe tomatoes- chopped roughly
2.5 kilos of granny smith apples - cored and peeled and chopped roughly
30g of ground ginger
30g of whole cloves*
30g of whole allspice*1 tsp of mace
30g cayenne pepper
1 litre white vinegar 1.5 kg sugar 8 tablespoons of salt 2kg chopped onions* bundle these up in some muslin or calico with string to keep closed and pop in - you need to take it out once cooking time is up, though.

You'll be needing a 20 litre pot for this!
Put all ingredients into a very large pan. Boil for 3.5 to 4 hours. Blend or sieve to make for a smoother consistency. Bottle in sterilised jars. Make adorable labels with smiling tomatoes on them. Give to people for Christmas! Bravo!
(If you like - add a few cloves of garlic, cumin seeds and some chilli for a bit more gusto!)

sauce bottles from here

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Happydacks said...

So glad you have this one on Pip, just like nan used to make. Real!!